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Rapid growth in the healthcare industry is creating both a challenge and an opportunity for hiring managers and candidates

Healthcare as an industry is growing and changing rapidly, creating a need for workers who are highly skilled, particularly in technology areas. Upskilling can help make sure talent demands are met.

Healthcare as an industry is growing and changing rapidly, creating a need for workers who are highly skilled, particularly in technology areas. Beyond recruiting candidates with these skill sets, LHH now offers upskilling programs in these areas to ensure industry demands can be continuously met.


The pandemic has brought rapid change to how we work across industries, which has created both a need for workers to acquire new skills and a responsibility of employers to provide upskilling opportunities to retain their talent. Employers want—and need—to learn, and not providing training opportunities is a leading reason people are leaving their jobs or turning down job offers.


According to a Sitel report, 88 percent of Gen Zs workers cite training opportunities as an important consideration when looking for jobs, and 37 percent of current workers say they would leave their job/employer if they were not offered training to learn new skills. To meet both labor market needs and individual’s expectation for learning opportunities on the job, upskilling is now a major factor in recruiting and retaining talent.


Growth in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry specifically is experiencing sizable growth. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment in healthcare industry occupations is projected to grow 16 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.6 million new jobs. Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any of the other occupational groups.


And many of these jobs will require skills in new areas of technology and revenue cycle management in particular—and to ensure a continual pool of highly trained, qualified candidates are available to fill these jobs, upskilling and training is essential. The healthcare as an industry is growing and needs to be constantly hiring in these areas to keep up with that growth.


Technology shifts in healthcare

The pandemic radically changed the healthcare industry in terms of technology and digitalization. On one side, tech companies began focusing more on healthcare solutions in response to the pandemic, and on the other healthcare providers had to come up with new ways to deliver services. This is expected to continue: According to the HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report, 80 percent of healthcare providers plan to increase investment in technology and digital solutions over the next five years.


For candidates, this creates a huge opportunity for a growing career track in healthcare tech. Help desk job openings alone are up 200 percent year over year. For hiring managers, finding the right talents to fill these roles can be a challenge. LHH’s Healthcare Technology Upskilling program is designed to help candidates gain in the knowledge they need to either break into the lucrative tech world or advance their careers in the field.


Demand for revenue cycle management roles

Technology and digitalization are also now playing major roles in how healthcare providers manage financial processes and billing, as well as tracking patient appointment scheduling and registration, among other actions.


Because of this, revenue cycle management is another area in healthcare that is massively expanding. For example, according to Beckers Hospitals Review, billing specialists are the number 2 most in demand revenue cycle job. LHH provides upskilling in this and five other revenue cycle management tracks, all of which provide training for roles which are now at an all-time high demand.


Challenge and opportunity

The change and growth the healthcare world is experiencing creates both a challenge and an opportunity, both for hiring managers and candidates. Providing means for workers to grow in their skill sets and careers will ensure organizations always have the talent they need to fulfil the roles that keep the industry running successfully. By offering upskilling programs, LHH can help not only match talent with hiring managers but help ensure more candidates are able to grow in the areas that will make them top talent in the future.


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