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With our market-leading track record, global reach and human-centered ethos, we stand as your trusted executive ally - finding, assessing and connecting exceptional executive talent with leading organizations worldwide.

two businesswomen shaking hands
two businesswomen shaking hands

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Creating Confidence in Leadership Decisions

We go beyond sectors, tapping into a vast network to find the perfect fit for your needs. Our consultants, interconnected worldwide, bring deep expertise to every search, ensuring precise alignment with your expectations.
Expert executive placements for FMCG, Lifestyle & Luxury, Sports, and Retail sectors. Top-tier talent for your consumer segment success.
Financial Services
Executive placement expertise in Consumer & Commercial Financial Services, Corporate & Investment Banking, Insurance, Investment Management & Real Estate, and Private Equity.
Government & Public Affairs
Dedicated executive recruitment for Government, NGOs & Foundations, and Public & Parapublic sectors, ensuring impactful public sector excellence.
Precision executive recruitment for Life Science, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology sectors in the healthcare industry.
Specialized executive search in Automotive, Aviation, Agribusiness, Chemicals & Materials, Energy & Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense.
Strategic executive search for law firms and corporate law entities, delivering top-tier legal talent for success and growth.
Find cutting-edge executive talent in High Technology & Semiconductors, Telecommunications, and Software & Platforms for the technology sector.

Supporting Executives Along Their Entire Career Journey

From strategic placements to tailored mentoring and succession, we offer comprehensive solutions. Our commitment extends beyond recruitment, fostering long-term success and growth for executives as they navigate their professional paths.
Search & Onboarding
We deliver a bespoke, human-centric executive search solution tailored to your needs.
Mentoring & Coaching
Performance support for executives as the navigate the challenges of modern leadership.
Succession & Departures
Empower departing executives to successfully find their next challenge.

View from the C-Suite: Bridging the Executive Gap

Global research of over 2,000 executives highlights the challenges, sentiment and development needs of senior leaders.
senior leader

View from the C-Suite: Bridging the Executive Gap

Global research of over 2,000 executives highlights the challenges, sentiment and development needs of senior leaders.

Executive Insights

Gain invaluable perspectives tailored for senior leadership, keeping you abreast of the forefront of thinking, research and trends.
Here’s what makes workers feel like they ‘belong’ at work
Our research shows 3 in 10 workers want to leave their job in the next 12 months. The reasons why are clear. But what if we flipped the question around? For those who don’t want to leave, what makes them feel like they belong where they are?
5 Factors to Determine the Cost of a Bad Hire
How much does a bad hire cost your business? Learning how to reduce the risk of a bad hire can save your business and your employees time and money.
Navigating Hiring Trends to Keep Your Organization Competitive
Employers are continuing to adapt to the changes brought about by what is hopefully a waning global pandemic including remote and hybrid work, a shortage of talent, conflicting economic headwinds and the potential for a recession. Here are some tips to help your organization remain competitive.