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Christy Golden

Head of Client Experience, ICEO North America


Christy Golden is ICEO’s Head of Client Experience for North America while also serving as one of our Practice Leaders.

Christy and her team welcome executives into service and are the face of ICEO to our entire client population. With a unique ability to discern client needs and deep insights into the talents of our bench, Christy oversees best-fit matches of executives to their Advisors.

Throughout each executive’s program, Christy works in close partnership with our Advisors to marshal experts, mentors, and friends of the firm to support evolving client needs and ensure results. She develops enduring relationships, remaining engaged with many of our executives well beyond their time in service.

Additionally, she recruits, develops, and mentors our bench of Advisors. Her focus is on delivering extraordinary outcomes and quality tailored to the needs of each executive.

Christy approaches her work with warmth, positive energy, and a commitment to excellence that sets the standard for our boutique practice. She is a personable, lifelong learner who is enthusiastic about working with and getting to know executives from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. 

Her prior experience includes a career in regional banking and overseas postings in Romania, The Gambia and China.

Christy earned her BA in Communication from Abilene Christian University in Texas.