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Since 2019 Stephan Bahns has been part of the senior team at DIS AG, the brand within which LHH Recruitment Solutions Germany sits.

He first joined DIS AG as the Regional Director Finance and Office & Management, where he took up responsibility for the commercial areas of the DIS AG brand and for LHH Recruitment Solutions. In April 2023, he was appointed to the DIS AG board of directors and now drives forward the expansion of the business, securing growth in the company’s new commercial IT arm.

With more than 16 years’ experience, Stephan started his career as a consultant at a specialized commercial personnel service provider in Frankfurt. After becoming Area Manager, Stephan then moved into the commercial sector, securing several management positions at various service providers, before joining DIS AG.

Stephan is passionate about developing managers and young talent and in 2022 he completed a Diploma in Global Leadership with Harvard Business Publishing. Stephan operates from Germany.

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