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Understanding trends can put you firmly in the driving seat of your career. How will the trends of the next 12 months affect your current area of expertise? What’s the outlook for other roles you’re interested in? Check out our latest Job Market Trends report so you know what to expect as a candidate in today's market and how to prepare for your next great opportunity.
Unlock your career potential with AI
Forget job fear, AI is here to open doors. Don't just think about replaced roles, but new ones AI creates. Sharpen your skills to collaborate with AI and leverage it for your career advantage, whether you're employed or seeking a new opportunity. The Embracing AI to Benefit Your Career infographic identifies how you can strategically adapt and sharpen your skills to position yourself as an early adopter of AI in the workplace.

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Covid career progression
This is the logical place to start and does set the platform for the restof your career to develop. It’s a question to consider very carefully.Consider which area of law you have enjoyed the most and why? Where are youparticularly strong technically? How would you develop a career in thatparticular sector? Is your training contract set up in such that has a biastowards non-contentious or contentious work? Perhaps most importantly, whicharea could you talk through most knowledgeably and enthusiastically. Thereisn’t anything wrong with considering multiple areas but think abouthow this might dilute your applications.
How to Launch a Successful Executive Portfolio Career
After more than nine years as the Vice President of Global Markets, Policy, for General Motors and a long career on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Lee Godown was not interested in retirement. He wanted to step back, figure out what was most important to him and then decide what he was going to do next.
Creating a great CV
With hirers and recruiters spending less than 6 seconds on average looking at a CV, first impressions are key. Your CV not only needs to promote your achievements but also make you stand out from the other applicants.
What hiring boom?
Is there a disconnect between what the recruitment industry is saying and what jobseekers are experiencing? Our recent poll suggests there are conflicting views, but the reality is nuanced.
10 key questions to ask when qualifying as a solicitor
Qualifying as a solicitor