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The International Centre for Executive Options (ICEO) is the only global boutique practice in the world that delivers bespoke career advisory services for sitting and transitioning senior leaders.

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The way an organisation treats its leaders on the way out is as important as how they were treated on the way in. And in these times of economic and social disruption, senior leadership transitions are particularly important – and more visible than ever – posing significant risk to the business.


How are you managing this process?


ICEO is more than executive outplacement. We are the only global boutique that partners with senior leaders, companies and boards to navigate critical personnel and organisational decisions and the complex challenges associated with leadership transitions and executive careers.


Global mobility & consistency


ICEO works with senior leaders in 16 global ICEO hubs, strategically located in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Toronto, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro and Milan. Our ICEO global centres are supplemented by on-demand access to LHH offices in 71 countries - providing maximum mobility for local, national and global career pursuits.


Guide to best practices in leadership transition 


It is impossible to precisely anticipate every leadership transition scenario. The triggers for transition are varied and distinct. However, every organisation can build a comprehensive plan that can go into effect whenever a leadership transition is imminent.


The ICEO Guide – Best Practices in Leadership Transition – examines some of the triggers for leadership departures, the negative consequences of a poorly managed exit, and solutions that can help you and your organisation manage amicable and positive transitions.

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“It's a business imperative.”

Greg Giangrande, former CHRO & Chief Communications Officer at TimeInc. talks about the importance of providing high-touch,high-quality ICEO support for transitioning senior leaders.

Executive Transitions

The superior experience for transitioning senior leaders


ICEO delivers an unequivocally superior leadership transition experience. First, we meet our clients wherever they are in the transition process. Then, we surround them with a dedicated, bespoke team of ICEO advisors, subject matter experts, mentors, alumni, industry specialists and friends of the firm.


At the centre of each personalised team is the ICEO Advisor, a trusted partner who brings extensive experience in partnering with senior leaders as they explore and pursue their career options. Like our clients, our ICEO Advisors are accomplished business leaders, board members, professional service firm partners and successful entrepreneurs. 80% come from C-Suite and senior business leadership roles.


Our ICEO Peer Advisors and executive mentors help senior leaders think in different ways, open doors to new possibilities and choose the best options. We provide comprehensive global support, resources and connections for all executive career options including corporate leadership positions, private equity and venture capital roles, advisory work, starting or purchasing a business, alternative careers, board service, portfolio careers and active retirement. Over 90% of those who choose a corporate career track land in an equal or higher role.



Each executive’s peer advisor is complemented by a team of experts in communications and personal branding, employment law, retained executive search, board service, private equity and venture capital.


Our clients also receive in-depth assessments on skills, interests, passions, and motivators, CV and biography development by ICEO’s professional writers, and access to a specialised ICEO Research Team who deliver personalised analytics, market intelligence and insights.

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Career Planning

ICEO Career and Life Compass


Leadership alignment in a time of social and economic disruption


Are you opening pathways for high potentials and enabling the right talent to serve in strategic leadership roles? Do you have a process for sitting senior leaders to explore the possibilities of their next chapter?



Career & Life Compass is an ICEO offering for highly accomplished leaders who need support in imagining and achieving future possibilities. These leaders could be readying for a planned retirement, to begin thinking about retirement, or for the next phase of their career.


Career & Life Compass helps these leaders visualise and capitalise on their vast array of options internally and/or externally; look forward and develop a plan; and find new roles that are deeply meaningful/satisfying.



“The coaching really helped me to be far more deliberate and mindful.”

At an inflection point in her career, Carrie Teffner, EVP & Chief Financial Officer of Crocs worked with ICEO to explore her options, onboard her successor and transition from Crocs to board service. 


“I couldn’t have done this without LHH.”


Lee Cooper, former President & CEO of GE Healthcare, US and Canada, talks about his experience with ICEO and the value of having a Peer Advisor to hold him accountable.


“During my ICEO program, I had individual meetings with more than 70 senior executives.”


JC Townend – LHH CEO of UK and Ireland – was once an ICEO client herself. Here’s the story of her first-hand experience with the boutique service.


“I felt like their only client.”


As a global executive and board member in the pulp and paper industry, Glenn Landau truly valued what he describes as the “world class” ICEO team that supported him in his transition, including his integration into a new company.


“I really think it’s important to have an advisor who is capable of relating to the industry one works in.”


Andy Calitz, former CEO of LNG Canada (a Shell joint venture) shares his perspective on the value of working with ICEO as he returned to London after20 years abroad to ultimately start his own global energy consultancy.


“The coaching really helped me to be far more deliberate and mindful.”


At an inflection point in her career, Carrie Teffner, EVP & Chief Financial Officer of Crocs worked with ICEO to explore her options, onboard her successor and transition from Crocs to board service.


“It's a business imperative.”


Greg Giangrande, former CHRO & Chief Communications Officer at Time Inc. talks about the importance of providing high-touch, high-quality ICEO support for transitioning senior leaders.


“He has given me a different perspective on what is life after the corporate world.”


Darren, a former CFO in MNCs and current franchise owner, talks about his experience with LHH ICEO program and how it helped him achieve his dream.

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