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Trend #6: Soft Skills Remain Supreme, More than Ever

With companies offering both hybrid and remote work, soft skills have become crucial for employees. These valuable soft skills are key in today’s workplace.

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In a hybrid environment, soft skills will be as important— if not more—than anything else in your arsenal. They are like the soft skills that have always been required for in-person workplaces but amplified in response to the shift to remote work.


However, it’s not enough to simply say you possess certain soft skills. It’s better to show than merely tell, and you can do this most authentically by sharing anecdotes that demonstrate these behaviors as part of your career story. These stories give a hiring manager a clearer idea of who you are, and what you will bring interpersonally to a team, as well as your capacity to self-reflect and adapt.


In today’s work environment, highly valuable soft skills include:


Active listening.


Being an excellent listener will set you apart from the pack as polite, interested, and sincere. And—bonus!—you’ll get more out of conversations. Active listeners maintain eye contact and encourage the speaker to continue with gestures such as head nodding. Remain focused rather than planning a response, and never interrupt or finish the speaker’s thought.


Empathy and vulnerability.


Model vulnerability by admitting when you don’t know something or made a decision you regret. Being vulnerable can help you be more relatable and approachable, and others will feel more comfortable. Demonstrate empathy by acknowledging the perspectives and challenges of others. This forges connection faster. And there’s something in it for you too: research consistently shows that those with a high degree of emotional competence outperform and out-earn their less emotionally competent peers.


Agility and continuous learning.


The world changes quickly—that’s always been true. But the pace and proliferation of change means your ability to adapt will be paramount—as will your ability to collaborate in a digital environment. Show that you’re a continuous learner through your willingness to take on a stretch assignment, pursue new certifications, etc.


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