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A New Way of Working and Thinking About Work

With work models quickly changing, have you asked yourself why you work? These questions can help you find what you need from work to be fulfilled by it.

This article is the second part of a blog series that discusses our insights into major workplace and hiring trends. As you prepare for what’s next in your own career, we invite you to check out the entire series. Learn more about how these trends might positively impact your career and make it an even more rewarding experience.


Work models are changing rapidly. From full-time to flex, from hybrid to remote work, you’ll have options. But where we work is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how mindsets about work are shifting post-pandemic.


The Great Re-Evaluation has many asking bigger questions about why they work, what they expect from the work they do, and what motivates and fulfills them. Everyone should take this opportunity to reflect.


Ask Yourself the Right Questions


Have you considered what you want? What you’re good at it? In what areas you should grow and develop with additional training and ongoing learning? Ask yourself the right questions to really understand where your strengths lie, what motivates you, and what you need from a work experience to be fulfilled by it.


What Does Success Mean to You?


Success today is now defined more broadly to include deriving meaning and purpose from work, not just achieving a higher salary and impressive title. Seek projects and initiatives in your work that offer you a chance to have a real impact on an issue or problem that is important to you. Prioritize opportunities for meaningful mentorship relationships and upskilling.


If you are considering a career change, within or outside of your organization, make these growth and development opportunities key items on the negotiation table.


What Helps You Work Best?


Today, there is also more space and opportunity than ever to bring your true self to your job, and to think about work/life blending rather than balance. Are you a parent of young children? A caretaker of aging parents? You may want to orient toward flexibility that supports family life while thinking through the kinds of benefits different arrangements offer.


Are you more productive if you can adhere to a particular self-care routine within traditional working hours? Have you identified times of the day during which you are most effective at specific tasks, such as brainstorming? Does a four-day work week suit your life best?


Now is the time to articulate what you’ve discovered over the last two years that help you work at your best.


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