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Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. 4 Ways to Improve Your Accounting Firm Culture

Do you know how to remain a competitive accounting firm? We’ve listed a few strategies you can use to help build your best company culture.

You speak the language of business, but do you know how to remain a competitive accounting firm? Take a look at your professional culture. Ask yourself if you’re actively fostering a culture where new ideas are planted and – in turn – grow into financial gains and satisfied employees.


After your dedicated employees have been sitting at a desk all day crunching numbers, generating reports, and analyzing the current economic climate, what comes to mind? Are they burned out after a 60-hour work week? If profits and morale are low, maybe it’s time to redesign business processes. Don’t worry – there’s hope. We’ve listed a few ways you can improve your accounting firm’s culture:


Welcome and reward input


Is there a better, more efficient way to conduct audits – without risking error? Listen to your accounting team for ideas about how to improve ways of doing things. Schedule regular brainstorm sessions, ask for feedback about projects, and be attentive to any issues that could negatively impact numbers and performance. Your workforce will feel appreciated and valued.


Encourage teamwork


Two minds are better than one. Cross-training is a breeding ground for innovative concepts and ideas to emerge – so why not take advantage of the opportunity? Collaboration allows employees from different backgrounds to interact, bond, and learn new skills. It could mean looking at projects from a new perspective and using those tools to surpass quarterly financial goals. Team building is also a great way to boost confidence and strengthen your firm’s collective identity.


Allow flexibility


We’re not robots – everyone needs time away from the desk. Striking a healthy work-life balance means making sure your accountants have enough time during the week to exercise, make memories with their toddlers, and step away from work during a family emergency. Paid time off is a great way to show employees you don’t just see them as a number; you care about their well-being, which in turn directly impacts productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Invest in development


Last but not least, think about educational opportunities. Could your CPAs and internal auditors use a course on the latest methods? Follow the latest accounting trends then encourage your employees to attend workshops and seminars relevant to their specialization. This gives your accounting team the confidence they need to perform their best – plus, it demonstrates your commitment to keeping things fresh and interesting at your accounting firm.


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