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Coaching: Your Toolbox for a New Era of Transformation

We need to start thinking about coaching less as a single tool or an executive-level perk, and more as a toolbox that contains multiple implements to improve overall talent management.
We’ve all come a long way from the origins of coaching in the mid-20th century. Back then, companies began to experiment by putting leaders together with psychologists to drive better overall performance. In some instances, coaching was remedial and applied to leaders who were struggling or having a negative impact on others.

Although coaching continues to be seen by some as solely a tool of leadership development, its applications and impacts go well beyond that traditional role. It can help individual leaders grow and hone their skills. However, coaching has escaped the C-suite and is now making its presence felt well beyond the leadership and managerial levels of many organizations.

In short, coaching is no longer an executive-level perk. It has grown and expanded so much, it is no longer a single tool of leadership or talent development. Coaching encompasses an array of tools that, taken together, can truly transform an organization. 

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