Information Technology

At LHH, we exist to help people, teams, and organisations across the globe prepare for what’s next. Count on our end-to-end HR solutions to enable transformation in your IT organisation or in your career.

While nearly every industry experienced significant hurdles due to the pandemic, some beneficial outcomes in the IT space included adoption of new modernised workflows, renewed interest in business continuity planning, and the opportunity to vie for newly prioritised digital transformation contracts.

Of course, changing business operations means a demand for new skills, a need that has rapidly changed in the past year alone.

During these busy times for IT companies, it’s critical that you remain agile and proactive in your planning. One way to stay focused on establishing new relationships, shoring up your supply chain, and transforming your own digital systems, is to let the professionals at LHH leverage our many years of experience in the space to help you ensure that your talent and leadership are keeping pace.

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For Employers

At LHH, we recognise the challenges you face on a daily basis and know you cannot afford to slow down while you get new employees up to speed — or upskill existing talent. So, while you’re busy helping customers meet their increased technology needs, procuring new contracts, and retaining your most valued employees, the professionals at LHH will help by providing you with comprehensive talent solutions.

At LHH we work closely with each human resources leader and hiring manager to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of their particular company, department and team during the process.

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For Candidates

IT companies have been stretched to meet the new demand for always-on services. They are eager to onboard skilled people to help forge this technology-first new path. With corporate and public sector spending on the rise, big contracts are available for established companies that are staffed up and able to make competitive bids.

Whether you are looking for a new challenge or want to invest in your future, take advantage of LHH’s many years of IT recruiting experience and be a part of the digital renaissance taking place post-pandemic.

Your LHH advisor can connect you with opportunities to build new skills, network with other technology professionals, take leadership training, receive career coaching, improve your resume, and transition into a new role or even a whole new career path. Now is the time to go after your goals. Let LHH help you figure out where you want to be and how to get there.

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