Consumer Goods


At LHH, we exist to help people, teams, and organizations across the globe prepare for what’s next. Count on our end-to-end HR solutions to enable transformation in your consumer goods organization or in your career.

The past two years have fundamentally challenged the consumer goods industry in several ways: online and omnichannel sales are dominant, the workforce is mostly remote, supply chain issues are rampant, and interest in sustainability is renewed. Digital transformation is important for nearly every industry, and for consumer goods, that means investment and staffing up technology teams, to address data privacy, ramp up marketing and ecommerce, and building out work-from-home platforms.


For Employers


Many of us worked in the consumer goods industry prior to joining LHH, so we know it well. We recognize the challenges you face on a daily basis and know you cannot afford to slow down while you get new employees up to speed. So, while you’re busy upgrading technology, managing cash flow, and revamping your go-to-market strategies, let the professionals at LHH help you with talent solutions.


LHH professionals have a broad understanding of what it takes to succeed in the consumer goods industry, and we work closely with each human resources leader and hiring manager to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of their particular company, department and team during the process. 


In the last 27 years, we’ve partnered with more than 11,060 consumer goods clients to place more than 204,000 highly skilled professionals, all who have been vetted and are ready to make an impact. We are ready to help you, too.


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For Individuals


Consumer goods companies are undergoing transformation, like most industries today. These corporate leaders are building out new technologies, pushing for more engaging customer experience, and working hard to beat out and keep out competitors. Whether you are looking for a new challenge or want to invest in your future, take advantage of LHH’s many years of consumer goods experience and make it happen.


In 2021 alone, we helped more than 2,668 consumer goods experts find meaningful work.


Your LHH advisor can connect you with opportunities to build new skills, network with other consumer goods professionals, take leadership training, receive career coaching, improve your resume, and transition into a new role or even a whole new career path. Now is the time to go after your goals. Let LHH help you figure out where you want to be and how to get there.


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"After getting to know me, my background and my career goals, they were able to find me a challenging position which has not only been a step up, but more importantly a step in the right direction. Working with them has been the smartest career move I made so far!"

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